Australian Storm Season 2017 / 2018

16th September 2017
We wish to thank all Australian media who have supported Severe Weather Australia over the past 9 months and for supporting our registered content producers throughout our country.

We congratulate our Queensland members for their involvement during cyclone Debbie, delivering award winning content for the Nine Network.

SWA currently has 146 contributors across Australia, from metropolitan, rural and extremely remote areas of our outback.

We are working to actively support their professional content and connect them with local, state, national and global media.

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We have recently launched our Media Connect Portal which enables your newsroom to request interviews and content from our members.

Many of our members have appeared on your broadcasts and articles, so they are experienced in delivering accurate information and professional content.

After taking some two dozen requests from Australian and global media during cyclone Debbie, we understood the need to connect you with our team in the most efficient way.

Now that storm season is fast approaching, we have established this portal to help bridge that connection.

Examples are:

  • A Radio station looking for an inside view on what drives our passion to chase storms.
  • Print & Online media wanting to share the sights and stories when severe weather strikes
  • A Television station coming along for a ride with a storm chaser capturing the excitement when nature's fury begins.
  • Live reports across all broadcast mediums during active and significant weather events.

We can help connect you with the best storm chasers and content producers in the country.

Media requests are free to submit, and we will forward requests to our members either locally, statewide or nationally depending on the scope and urgency of the request.

Our Media Request System is live and can be found at this link

We politely remind media to use caution before they source and publish content sourced from online.

We are actively working with our members so we can connect them with your publications and support them for the long term.

Many of our contributors actively publish their content online. We ask that media contact these content creators to clarify if licensing is required prior to use.

Some may refer you to SWA, some may negotiate with you directly, and some may agree to look after your needs at no cost.
Please give them the opportunity to work with you and have a chance to be paid and credited for their profession.

If we all work together to support our Australian content creators, this will assist in the long term in the production of higher quality news content and quicker content delivery when it matters most.

For media organisations that request this feature, we have the systems in place to establish permanent inbound delivery systems for breaking news content.

Registered media who request this feature will be setup at no cost with a watch folder where content can be delivered before official releases are sent.

When breaking news content has arrived via our systems, we can have this routed to your internal systems within seconds post receipt.
If you have established automatic ingest systems and content management protection, acquisition to broadcast can be achieved in under 5 minutes.

Many SWA members are prepared to work with media by delaying publishing significant content, thus giving mainstream media the opportunity for first rights broadcast.

You have at your feet the country's top content creators.

If you are expecting a major weather event, simply request support from us and we can route affordable rights managed content directly to you as it happens.

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Live content delivery has been established for many years and has been used by every broadcaster in Australia.

We understand the technical challenges and bottlenecks when it comes to delivering live content.

We will work with our key contributors who are able to invest in this technology.

In time, broadcast quality live content will be a standard for many of our members moving forward.

Many of our members are also experienced with live to air television & radio broadcasts.
Not only can we connect you with live content, we can also connect you with live on the ground information and reports as they happen.

Social media is having a significant impact on traditional news ratings, we can encourage our contributors to prioritise your broadcast with amazing content so you are first with the information and content.

Chasing storms successfully is a science that takes years of experience and dedication.

To capture incredible content is often dangerous, time consuming and very costly.

Our members are encouraged knowing they are supported in the often confusing world of news media.

Severe Weather Australia was established to support our content creators and media.

We look forward to supporting them and you with a national team.

Daniel Shaw

National News Director
Severe Weather Australia

QLD - Daniel Lutzke - Storm Force
NSW - Jason Paterson - Northern NSW Severe Weather
VIC - Nick McCartney - Melbourne Storm Chasers
SA - Andrew Wall (YouTube)
WA - Richard Young - Broome Adventures
NT - Willougby Owen - NorthAusChasers

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